Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Favorites

* * *

Mt. Tamalpais has been a magnet for huge numbers of people for well over a century. Explorers, hunters, artists, writers, botanists, tourists, hikers and runners have felt its pull. Even loggers and ranchers, who came to the Mountain to earn their livelihood, probably enjoyed it for itself. The image of the Mountain which so many revere is in large part the product of those who have loved it.

--Lincoln Fairley in the Preface to Mount Tamalpais, A History

Young Buck

Field Impressions

Pacific Forktail

Pacific Treefrog at High Marsh

Cardinal Meadowhawks

Mr. Slithers

Sunrise Trail

Poison Oak

Madia elegans

Handsome Hopper

Young Sleeper

* * *


  1. John, that's an incredible shot of Mr. Slithers - at the snake's POV. Did the snake move on, or did you? :)

  2. I didn't see the snake until he rattled. He was basking in the middle of the Benstein Trail. Very cooperative subject, though. I coaxed him off the trail then continued on my way.