Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Favorites

* * *

The biggest excitement is getting to know individuals. I really enjoy that -- to partake in their day. What's going on in their world? It's selfish really, but I just love being there.
--Christian Ziegler, from The Masters of Nature Photography

* * *

Bubblegum Slime Mold


Serpentine Power Point

Shaving Brush Slime Mold

Stream Bed

Morning Coyote #1

Morning Coyote #2

Morning Coyote #3

Deer Family

Camouflaged Cat

Druid Rocks North

Gymnopus brassicolens

Inocybe geophylla var. lilacina

Bay Laurel Nut

Xeromphalina campanella

Prowling Cat

Mossy Roots

Honey Mushrooms

* * *


  1. Bubblegum slime mold, I think I saw some on my last outing but didn't know what I was looking at. It wasn't oozing the red goo if it was indeed slime mold. I'll have to start looking out for mold now too. The first rains cannot arrive soon enough for me to bring forth some mushrooms.

    1. Slime molds are really weird and cool. There are a handful of common ones around Mt. Tam, and you probably do see the bubblegum in your area. Next time you find it, poke one of the blobs to see if it oozes pink stuff.

  2. Excellent set of photos. Have been unable to post comments when viewing your blog with an iPad, nor problem when using a computer

    1. Interesting that it doesn't work with an iPad. I've gotten emails from people who couldn't leave a comment even from a computer.