Sunday, April 3, 2016

April Fool

* * *

I'm an April fool, and same goes for the rest of the year.

Poking around a mountain to see what I might find.

Found most of it before, but it's always new.

I stop shooting just long enough to go out of my mind.

And then I find . . . resistance is futile.

Flowers too small to photograph, or at least I thought so at first.

Too cool to be fooled, Elizabethan leaves.

The monk of Potrero Meadow noting that the geocache remains stashed in its allotted space.

The pontiff of Potrero Meadow, adorned with moss, waits for azaleas to bloom.

Sunshine warms the lupines and perfume wafts into the air.

A fool and his lupines are too soon parted.

* * *

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