Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Favorites

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His first concern was "the hills of home," especially Mount Tamalpais in Marin County. Part of the landmark mountain was parkland, but most of its lower slopes were in dairy farms. "Don't worry," Wayburn was told. "These people have been here forever and will always keep their ranches." "Three months later I heard about the acquisition of one of the ranches by speculators. That really got me going." Wayburn sat down and drafted an ideal future boundary for the state park, including the entire watershed of its major stream, Redwood Creek. It took a quarter century, but this vision of protection was finally fulfilled.
--John Hart writing about Edgar Wayburn in 
Legacy, Portraits of 50 Bay Area Environmental Elders

California Buckeye

Yellow Mariposa Lily


Western Azalea

Common Ringlet

Oakland Star Tulip on Serpentine

Stinging Nettle

Yerba Buena

Collecting Thistle Down

Mt. Tam Jewelflower

Taking Cover


Baby Hummers



Longhorn Beetle

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  1. Out of curiosity, do you ever change the content or layout of your blurb book, i.e., do different editions exist?

  2. These are all so wonderful that I am not even going to attempt to say I like *blank* the best.

  3. Yes, Katie, I've changed it, adding pages, deleting a couple, rearranging the order of the haiku stuff, redesigning a couple of pages, correcting typos. I have several versions laying around because you have to order a copy every time you upload a new version, even if you only changed one word. I've already added two new pages to the book and will probably add more before it's ever finally "done"....


  4. I love all of these and agree completely with "Sinbad". Baby humingbirds!!! Oh my....