Saturday, July 25, 2015

Tam Cam - July 2015

* * *

Mt. Tam Trail Cam - July 2015 from John W. Wall on Vimeo.

The water hole is drying up, and the saw-whet owl no longer visits here to bathe. A fox still came for a drink, but only once. A raccoon -- the first in a long time -- passed through twice, the second time to scratch its butt on the deer antler to leave its scent. The fawns are still coming and even appear to be digging a bit with their hooves to deepen the water hole. A big buck and a new buck play through, and a coyote comes for a drink -- and of course marks the deer antler quite voluminously. This will be the last installment from this water hole. I'll need to find a new spot for August.