Camera Bag

* * *

Here's the photo gear I've been using for the Mt. Tam Blog. 
Total weight for the full bag and tripod is 21.4 pounds. [Update: The Lowepro zippers finally passed away, so I replaced the bag with a really nice Tamrac in 2019. Amazingly, everything else remains the same as of October 2020.]

I've had the Lowepro Mini Trekker for years. I also have a Nature Trekker, which I find too big and heavy for my needs. I mainly use the clip-on thing at the top for temperature readings. Besides the main compartment, there is also an outer pouch where I keep flat gear and usually a small water bottle. I usually carry my tripod in my hands, but I can also attach it to the bag on bike trips.

The binoculars and eyeglasses go in the side pouches. The pouch beneath the binocs holds cleaning stuff, spare battery and CF/SD cards. The focusing rail is in a plastic bag to provide a soft buffer against the lens. A Kirk BL-D800 quick-release L-bracket is attached to the camera body.

The diffuser and filters fit in the outer pouch.

I've also tried the Adorama and Really Right Stuff focusing rails, but I prefer the Kirk rail.

I've had the Kirk BH-3 ballhead for years. This is the third tripod it's been mounted on. The Manfrotto and Feisol didn't last, but the Gitzo felt better right off the bat and has already lasted longer than the other two did.

* * *