Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Favorites

* * *

I used to run out on short excursions to Mt. Tamalpais, and I always brought back a lot of flowers--as many as I could carry--and it was most touching to see the quick natural enthusiasm in the hearts of the ragged, neglected, defrauded, dirty little wretches of the Tar Flat waterfront of the city I used to pass through on my way home.... It was a hopeful sign, and made me say: "No matter into what depths of degradation humanity may sink, I will never despair while the lowest love the pure and the beautiful and know it when they see it."
--John Muir, quoted in Tamalpais Walking 
by Tom Killion and Gary Snyder

Coulter Pine Toes

Buck at Meadow's Edge


Paper Wasps

Forest Litter

Flame Skimmer

Bolinas Ridge #1

Bolinas Ridge #2

Potrero Meadow


Ladybug & Milkweed

Milkweed & Mylitta Crescent

Datura Fruit

Redwoods on Helen Markt Trail

Mud Dauber

Quail Run

Fir in the Fog

Cat Stretch

Fog Drip Puddles

Helleborine Orchid

Coyote on Edge of World

* * *

Bolinas Ridge #3


  1. Another excellent set of photos. Many appealing compositions.

  2. Bolinas Ridge #2 looks like it has a filter on it. Are the colors true?

  3. Katie, that shot was taken in 2006, before I'd switched to digital, so it's probably a combination of warm light, Velvia film, and telephoto compression. Bolinas #2 is zooming in on the distance seen in #1.

  4. FWIW, I put up a #3 shot at the end of the post that was taken soon after the #2 shot....

  5. Ever since you pointed out how yellow grass truly looks blue in the shadows, I've been looking at colors in photographs a little differently.

    You didn't switch to digital until 2006? Eh, I guess it was about 2004-2006 when prices dropped and quality improved for digital cameras. I can barely remember film now, and in some cases I think it still produces a superior image. Digital photography has had a massive impact on our society.

  6. I don't think I fully switched until '07, when I got a used D200 and started this blog. Not having to buy film anymore was huge.

  7. You could create a Mt. Tam Calendar from these, of course you'd have to narrow the selection down to 12 which would be difficult to do.

  8. Yes, and at the end of the year I'd have to throw it out!