Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fox Set

* * *

There are so many potential spots to place the camera trap within even a small area. I was nosing around the Set 1 area, which is very close to the Set 3 area, where I found a promising general location with some animal beds (probably deer beds) nearby, but with many critter trails also in the vicinity. Animals could have passed very near the camera without actually passing in front of it, and when I picked up the memory card this morning I didn't have very high hopes. I wouldn't have been surprised if this set hadn't turned up any animals at all.

Some days, not a single animal passed by, and the deer above was the only deer all week. But I did catch a gray fox on two different days.

On this second catch (early this morning), the fox stepped into the frame and seemed to spot the camera.

But he quickly surmised there was no threat and continued on his way.

* * *


  1. I hadn't noticed before that the camera records the temperature at the time also. Pretty neat. I have a little grey fox that visits our back yard and my wife has seen him on our deck. I seem to always miss him.

    1. Yes, temp and moon phase even. I hope Sinbad doesn't tangle with the fox!