Saturday, November 16, 2013

TamCam Set 4 (Cont'd)

* * *

Set 4 was in such a good spot, with good cover and water, that I let it run for another week. It was another week of no rain, and there were even more deer photos this week than last. The little one-spike deer came to drink several times during the week.

The gray fox popped through, but jumped over the lazy stream so quickly that the camera barely caught it.

Another new species fell prey to the camera trap this week -- raccoons!

Just ambling right down the middle of the creek...

...followed by a pair of junior raccoons.

Several bucks used the watering hole, but I think this fella wins the award for largest antlers.

This deer, obviously quite accustomed to the camera by now, struck a cute pose.

* * *


  1. These are fun. You could call your camera the Cracker Jack Box. You never know what kind of prize you will find inside.

    1. That's right. I'm actually kicking myself for not leaving it another week. I took it with me, thinking I'd set it in another location I have in mind, but never got there and ended up just bringing it home. I just know the mountain lions are partying in that creek right now....