Saturday, January 4, 2014

Redwood Creekbed Cam 2

* * *

I left the trail camera in the same place for another week and learned that the party spot is also a potty spot. I found several telltale paper napkins left behind when I picked up the camera this morning -- around the bend and out of camera range, thankfully -- and found one set of humans on the SD card when I got home. The humans did not appear to notice the camera despite walking very close to it! I always feel just a little apprehension when I arrive to pick up the camera, half-expecting it to be gone.

So it was mostly the usual suspects again -- humans, squirrels, raccoons and a coyote....

And a bobcat! Nice way to start the new year. Funny that it was still too dark for a normal image at almost 8 a.m. There's a high ridge just south of the creek, so I'm sure there are sections that don't get direct sunlight for weeks this time of year.

Unfortunately, the camera caught the cat's approach and exit, but not the point where it went over the downed tree. Too bad the cat didn't stop to use the tree as a scratching post. Check out how cold it's been in that creekbed -- 20 degrees. In a wet year there would be running water where the cat is walking. What's left of the creek right now is off-camera, stage left.

Speaking of catching a bobcat using a scratching post, I've learned that another camera manufacturer (Bushnell) has a model that shoots both stills and video simultaneously. I've put it on my wish list....

* * *