Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Favorites

* * *

As we made a low pass over the north side of Mount Tamalpais with the [airplane] window opened for photography, Barbara excitedly announced over the intercom: "This is incredible. It's all unbroken forest down there. I'm seeing more continuous forest right here in the Bay Area than in all my flights over the national parks of Costa Rica."
--Galen Rowell, from the Introduction to Bay Area Wild

Under the Madrones

Bathing Beauty

Redwoods & Friends

Above Alpine Lake

Raccoon Highway

Banded Garden Spider

Lake Fog

October Columbine

Turkey Tail Fungus

Pleated Caps

Slime Mold: Wet & Dry

Redwoods, Alpine Lake

Through the Moss

Orange Sulphur

Soaring Redtail

Sunrise from Mt. Tam

Moonset from Panoramic Highway

Blackberry Blossom

Secret Pool

Secret Pool #2

Rock Spring

Pelicans at Foot of Tamalpais

Buck Deer Frightens Burrowing Owl


Jay Feathers

Leaf in the Stream


Yawning Coyote

Zig Zag

* * *


  1. Inspiring, beautiful shots--and a great variety too. Loud applause.

  2. Cool moment with the deer flushing the burrowing owl. I bet that guy was pretty well hidden in that tall grass.

    Looks like a nice month you had.

    1. It's funny, but the owl was easy to see, even from a distance, because of its two bright eyes in a dark hole on a light-colored hillside. The deer was a total surprise. It just came running over the hill (where I was trying to get closer to the owl) and almost ran into us.

  3. Wonderful John. Seeing these I feel like putting the camera up on the shelf and take up knitting. Or I can be inspired. I'll try the latter.

    1. Thanks! I know what you mean. There's so much good photography out there, but there's still nothing like being out there and shooting what inspires us.