Saturday, October 19, 2013

Deer Cam

* * *

In the wee hours of Sunday, a trio of deer walked past the camera, which I'd set up near the bathtub area I used in Set 1. Note the times -- three deer in three minutes, starting with li'l sister...

...then li'l brother...

...then big daddy.

And the next day, another (different) big daddy passed by.

Dang, I might have missed a bobcat here, but I can't tell for sure.

Except for the lone mystery "cat," it was all about deer on this set, and all the deer passed by during the nighttime hours. Not a single daytime capture.

I was going to put the cam at the Lily Pond next, but I couldn't find a spot that seemed likely to catch critters without catching people, nor a location that wouldn't be easily spotted. I doubt a lot of people use that area in any given week, though, so I might go for it one of these days. I kind of wanted to bring the camera home, anyway, to see if I can catch whatever critters pass through our "back 40" at night.

* * *