Saturday, March 22, 2014

Touring Bon Tempe

* * *

Pam hadn't been able to join me for a hike in quite a while, so I figured a relatively mellow trip around Bon Tempe Lake would be a nice way to ease back into things. We were struck by the beauty of this little meadow full of ground iris (Iris macrosiphon) before we'd gone a quarter of a mile along the Sunnyside Trail.

I knew I wouldn't have to rush my photography in this spot when Pam took out her sketch pad.

This old grandfather oak (black oak?) was absolutely coated with lichens, bursting with new leaves, and singing with bird life.

I had time for one last shot before sketching was done and it was time to get back on the trail. I'd brought my whole camera bag, but this meadow, our first stop, turned out to be our only photo stop. Hiking and photography don't really mix, and even though I knew that, it seems like I need a reminder from time to time. The find of the day was a single small patch of striped coral root, one of our native orchids. I didn't photograph it, but I kind of wish I had. That's how it goes sometimes. It was a nice hike, but I don't think I got my ya-ya's out, photography-wise. Might have to return tomorrow.

* * *

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