Saturday, March 15, 2014

March Cam

* * *

After adjusting the camera more to ground level, I found the spot to be half-way decently productive, starting with this coyote. The coyote obviously checked out the cam. Maybe even marked it, though I didn't notice any unusual odors when I picked it up around noon today.

Lens got fogged a bit, but you can just make out the raccoon.

Funny that the deer took a detour off the trail to walk behind the trees.

The squirrel made a couple of appearances. The hiker I picked up in the last set also appeared a few times over the last couple of weeks. Got a nice shot of his golden retriever this time also, not just the top of its back. The dog, unlike the coyote, did not check out the camera.

The bobcat walked through Tuesday evening. I hadn't set the camera to DST yet, so it was "really" 7:52 p.m. The cat did not dawdle in the camera zone or even look at the camera. I got the three quick shots and that was it.

A gray fox also passed through. I still think it's interesting that whole days go by when no critter passes through this spot at all. It's near Cataract Creek and a smaller ravine with a little creek, the woods, and a couple of nice meadows. Still, it was a decent spot considering there is no bait, scent or water hole to attract animals.

P.S. I'd been wishing I could buy some sort of SD card-viewer so I could check to see if a set was catching anything before taking the card all the way home to download the pictures. I found that the trail cam people do make such a viewer, but more importantly, I realized that I already own two "viewers" -- my Nikon P7100 point-n-shoot, and my D800E! The P7100 reads the pictures automatically, but I had to change a setting on the D800 so it would read non-D800 images. Now that it does, I can always check the camera trap in the field. This is helpful when I return a week later to see if I want to keep the camera in place or move it somewhere else. But it also means I can test a new location's set-up on the spot to make sure I've got the camera angled the way I want.

* * *