Friday, February 28, 2014

February Favorites

* * *

I feel at home in this landscape. I'm intimate with it, and getting my camera to see it is second nature. It's the world I'm passionate about. It's where my art unfolds, and the opportunities are endless.
--Paul Nicklen, from Masters of Nature Photography

* * *

Mossy Madrone

Shed Antler

Red Hat Mycena

Trail Runners

Slime Mold Phases

Enchanted Landscape

East Peak Sundog

Edge of Bon Tempe Lake

Dewy Spring Beauty

Alpine Lake

Cataract Falls

Turkeys in a Row

Druid Rocks

Milk Maids


Hail on Panoramic Highway

Coyote Contemplates Lunch

Snowboarding on Mt. Tam

Coyote Tracks

Black Chanterelles, White Snow

Fly on Dogtail Grass

Roadside Trillium

Shooting Stars

Cataract Creek

* * *