Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Waiting for Rain

* * *

What sounded like rain in the woods was just the pitter-patter of fog 
dripping from the canopy onto a carpet of dry leaves.

Sometimes a Douglas fir's rat tails show loud and proud. 
Sticky patches of sap pool among the cone's scales.

Hardly a drop of water in this little arroyo seco off the Benstein Trail.

Spotted this crime scene at my feet as I knelt 
to explore a small pool of water in the ravine.

A California Giant Salamander, here a juvenile sporting about three inches 
of length, chills in the bottom of a pool.

An excited mob of acorn woodpeckers and steller's jays called out 
from the vicinity of this coast live oak bristling with nuts, 
stopping only when a cooper's hawk swooped in.

* * *