Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Neighborhood Nature


Beach Rainbow

It was a surprisingly beautiful day at the beach, with small, clean surf, a dramatic sky, plenty of solitude, and a gentle, short-lived rain shower that delivered a somewhat shy rainbow. 

Coyotes in Golden Gate Heights

When I saw the first coyote, I was pretty far away and only about fifty percent sure it was even an animal. It finally moved, so I walked closer to see what it was. When I saw that it was a coyote I regretted that I only had my smartphone camera. The coyote lay down to rest when a second coyote ambled into the scene from the left side of the frame and stopped to nuzzle greetings for a few seconds before moving along.

Sidewalk Surprise

Amanita muscaria in a sidewalk garden. Note additional button in the background.

Dragonfly Steps

My walk takes me up the nature-themed 16th Avenue steps, and today I finally decided to count how many there are. I got 150 on the nose, but the official web site claims there are 163. [I counted two more times, each time getting 148 steps, with a step only counting if it was a step up.]

View toward cloud-hidden Mt. Tamalpais from bottom of Grandview Park.

Cloud Train 2

* * *