Saturday, July 4, 2020

Pt. Reyes in July

Lizard Tail & Friends, North Beach

Lone Hiker, Drake's Beach

Bear Valley Meadow

Hilton's Nudibranch, Palomarin Beach

Bat Star Crossing Constellation of Coralline Algae

San Diego Dorid

Feather-veined Red Seaweed, Surfgrass & Mermaid Coin

Lined Shore Crab

Opalescent Nudibranch 

Anemones Colonizing a Rift

White Pelicans, Abbott's Lagoon

Sun & Wind, Drake's Bay

Brants on the Shore of Drake's Estero

Feast for Scavengers, Drake's Beach

Islands, McClure's Beach

Dawn at McClure's Beach

California Beach Hopper

Cliff with Orange Trentepohlia, Shell Beach

* * *