Monday, September 19, 2022

Critter Cam


Collection of Captures

I'd forgotten about the fun of making composite images with the trail camera, even when the result is not exactly up to National Geographic standards, to say the least! The nice thing about the trail camera, besides always being ready to snap a photo, is that it doesn't move. The acorn woodpecker, flicker, and western tanager are each shown about where they were captured in the original frame. Since the photos were made on different days, and at different times of the day, the light is different as well, which explains most of the obvious compositing. That's less of a problem with night-time images since they are standardized by the use of a flash.

When I was up there on Friday I considered whether to put my camera somewhere else in advance of the coming rain. If there's enough rain, this pool will become obsolete. But I'm curious to see the "before and after" scene, so I decided to keep the cam at the pool but move it to higher ground, where I could strap it to a tree. With any luck, the rain will make this pool obsolete, and next week I'll want to put the camera somewhere else.

Fox Composite

Video Clips from the Week

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