Friday, September 23, 2022



Beach Weather at the Bottom of Noriega Street

I always carry my smartphone when I go for longer walks, but I rarely snap a photo. Today I got all the way to the beach before I pulled it out to snap a picture of the really great beach weather we're having, and then I went all kinds of shutterbuggin' as I walked back home. When I got back and changed shoes to go for a ride on my ebike I saw that I was reaching a fun milestone on the odometer.

I took a picture of this building back in June, when it was bristling with scaffolding. The work was finally finished recently, and now it's covered with some kind of wood (or lookalike) shingle siding.

The billboard changes quite frequently, and is often just a little bit strange. To have this message here in the city, and in the Sunset District just a few blocks from the beach to boot, struck me as interesting. The wall art, road work machinery, telephone lines, and liquor store sign provide additional local flavor.

An unusually festive display outside a store on Noriega Street that sells mainly packaged food items. I was about to ask a guy nearby what was being celebrated, but he turned and walked away before I could get a word out.

I first noticed a large Lurk Hard decal on the right rear quarter panel (not shown), and while I continued walking and wondering if "Lurk Hard" was about some kind of savage internet trolling, the tail end of this car made me smile. Lurk Hard turns out to be a skater clothing brand, fwiw.

No point making this out-of-focus cabbage white bigger. I watched it flutter and spiral out of a tree and land dazed on the ground. Above me, a black phoebe snapped at something else that wasn't so lucky (assuming the butterfly can recover).

Amazon Prime keeps suggesting that I would like the movie Hard Eight, and they are not wrong. As I left my house on my bike this morning I noticed I was coming up on a Fun Eight, or 8,888 miles on my odometer. I took a picture of the milestone next to one of the street art projects being painted on JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park. Elsewhere in the park, preparations are being made for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass next week, but the street art is something separate.

* * *