Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Wave Watching


Ocean Beach, San Francisco
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With offshore winds and a big swell still rolling in, I brought the FZ80 with me when I walked to the beach this morning. I'd hoped conditions would be good enough to entice a few surfers out, but I only saw one guy with a surfboard, and he stood on the dunes talking with a friend and watching the waves for a while before turning around and heading home. What Ocean Beach needs is a few natural channels where deep water would prevent waves from breaking, and give surfers a chance to paddle out.

Even without anyone riding the waves, I found them mesmerizing to watch. Such power and grace. It's "nothing but" the physics of wind and water, of gravity and topography, of light refracting and reflecting, of energy propagating hundreds of miles across an ocean, but it sure does stir the soul.

Ocean Beach, Jan. 25, 2023

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