Thursday, August 3, 2023



Fallen Leaves

My seven-year-old computer seems to have entered the autumn of its life. No longer will it allow me to connect to the internet, or do a factory reset. I have a new computer on order but won't get it for a couple of weeks, so I'm using my Kindle Fire to post this. 

I was surprised to find yellow leaves on the ground below our backyard hazel tree the other day, on the last day of July. Nevertheless, the overall appearance of the hazel is still very green, and it will be late November before the last of the green has faded away.

The best thing going on out back has been the profusion of huckleberries on our lone plant, which is now around fifteen years old. My wife made pancakes with our first harvest. We're trying to think of something else to make with the next one.

Anyway, it looks like posting with the tablet actually works, but it's not likely I'll do it again. Hopefully I'll have my new machine shortly after we get back from our next trip.

Hazel Leaves


Coco heard me having fun and decided to come join me...

* * *