Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Favorites

* * *

"So there are two stages to this: one is going inward, and finding the relationship of your own deepest self to the ground of being so that you become transparent to transcendence; the other is bringing this realization back into operation in the field, which is the work of the artist...."
--Joseph Campbell, from An Open Life

Chipmunk in the Rocks

'Shrooms in '02

Sun Spots

Cloaked Redtail

Moss Guardians

Coyote Hunting in Fog

Coyote Captures a Gopher

Cataract Creek

Statue of Weather

Junco in Willows

Resting Bobcat

Cat in the Woods


Winter Wildflowers

Coast Coyote

Rainy Season's Greetings

Creekside Ferns

Close to Cover

Seasonal Stream

Tree-Eating Rock

Cataract Falls

Diablo Vista

Making Scents

Druid Rocks Sundown

Cotton Candy

Perching Bobcat

Belly Plant

* * *