Saturday, December 21, 2013

Redwood Creek Cam

* * *

Being close to Redwood Creek, I figured this would be a promising location for a new set, but I once again had the camera too close to the trail to catch a passing coyote. Even after all these weeks, I still don't have a very good feel for what kind of coverage I'm going to get with the camera. I'd thought it was pointing more toward the left side of the frame with an angle right up the game trail.

The animals who passed by the camera were all quite taken with it and did lots of selfies.

This young buck almost turned around rather than risk walking past the camera. I'll have to take a picture of the set when I go back for it next time. It probably looks a little like a small animal.

Another day, another coyote (I presume). Actually I think it's a fox since it's so small. I put a new SD card in the camera but left it in the same spot. I did alter the angle a little bit, but I'll bet it's still pointing too high and too far to the right. I might go back tomorrow and make some adjustments. I was again very surprised to catch a hiker, a guy with no pack of any kind who went up but didn't come back down.

* * *