Saturday, December 14, 2013

Upper Mountain Blues

* * *

Once again I had the camera pointing too high. Drat! I'd have to guess this is the same fox I was catching in the other nearby trap. He was looking right at the camera in the first frame, which I  could only deduce from the position of the tips of his ears in the frame. Another sort-of bummer is I caught hikers again! I was truly surprised to see them -- three of them on Sunday afternoon, and it was 28 degrees in the forest shade. Were they mushroom-hunting? They walked right past the camera but did not appear to spot it.

This big buck was the only deer I caught all week.

When I arrived, I noticed that the camera had been knocked askew. Whatever brushed up against it made the camera think it was nighttime, despite it being Thursday afternoon, by completely covering the lens.

Four minutes later, the culprit stuck his fanny in the frame.

I could have left the camera in this location another week, but it seemed pretty dead up there. All the grass on the hillsides is still the color of late summer, with hardly a hint of green. So I decided to pull the camera and take it to a new location much farther down the mountain, down along Redwood Creek.

* * *