Saturday, May 31, 2014

Curious Camera

* * *

I was disappointed to see that I'd pointed the camera too high. I'd hoped to catch wildlife drinking in the little stream that's just below the frame in these shots. This deer dropped by on Sunday evening and noticed the flashing red rectangle right away.

This might be the same mama deer taking an even closer look the following morning. I'd half-expected to find the camera dislodged from the boulder where I set it up, lying face-down on the ground, or maybe even having rolled into the stream. But it didn't get touched.

The little bambino dropped by a little later in the day.

One of the little bambinos even checked out the camera that afternoon. Besides these Sunday night-to-Monday critters, no other animals passed through the tree gate all week, but I had numerous false triggers due to tree limbs blowing in the wind. I'll come back to this spot later in the season, but for now I'd like to find someplace completely different.

* * *