Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fawn Fest

* * *

The camera trap has been out in this spot since mid-April, the same week Pam and I camped at Steep Ravine. Seems like a lifetime ago. The camera was just far enough from the trailhead that I haven't felt like making the hike to pick it up. I had put the camera in this spot once before, just for a day, and caught a buck. This time it was all doe deer -- the adults, that is.

Kind of funny to have caught a coyote out for a mid-day stroll on a Saturday. Every image from April 18 to the day I picked up the camera on May 3 was captured in daylight. This was an obvious animal trail, but I was surprised to see that it was used only in the daytime.

I only caught the coyote once, and I only caught the jackrabbit once -- on Easter Sunday.

Although the camera caught deer almost every day, it only captured the star attraction twice.

I don't believe I have ever been able to photograph spotted fawns on Mt. Tam in the usual way [oops, see below], and in fact I'm not sure I've gotten a good look at such a young fawn since I saw a bobcat pounce on one back in the early '90s. (The fawn screamed; its mother rushed to its aid and chased the bobcat up a nearby Douglas fir tree.)

The camera just barely caught one more fawn, in only one frame, as it leaped toward the safety of the nearby chaparral and forest.

I was going to place the camera in one last location (as far as this blog is concerned), but I finally got the "battery low" warning for the first time since I first put the camera out, back in October, so I brought the camera home.

Just looking over some older pix, I found this shot of spotted fawns from May 21, 2010.

* * *