Saturday, May 24, 2014

Raccoon & Fawns

* * *

I moved the camera to the other side of the little stream and strapped it to a higher tree branch for a different angle. I used this same branch once before and have caught raccoons here before as well.

At first I thought this was another frame of the same raccoon on the same night, and then I thought I was mistaken because the dates were different. But I wasn't mistaken. Same night, different sides of midnight.

These could very well be the two spotted fawns I caught in a previous camera trap just up the hill from this location.

The fawns were all over this little stream.

But I never caught mama.

Last fall this spot was getting quite a few visits from full-grown deer. Now these fawns will know about this spot and return throughout their lives. 

The bandit was my final catch for the week. This morning I moved the camera to yet another spot in this same area, but set at a much lower angle. I look forward to checking in again next week to see what critters have passed through.

* * *