Sunday, April 12, 2020

Joshua Tree

I'm not sure I'm going to keep posting these virtual photography trips from bygone days. They're making me antsy to go outside and do the real thing. One thing's for sure, we will never take "freedom to roam" for granted again.

Although Joshua Tree and pretty much every other national park are closed for the duration, there is a bright side. For the wildlife, at least.

Plus we get to breathe significantly cleaner air. The last time I was in Joshua Tree the Keys View overlook was choked out with smog. Check out the Purple Air map now. Take a picture of it. Then check it out again after the world gets its carbon curve back into hockey stick mode. 

Boulder & Juniper

Gambel's Quail

Flowering Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree Flower Close-Up

California Thrasher


Fishhook Cactus

Mojave Mound Cactus

The Easter Bunny

* * *