Saturday, March 11, 2023

Carson Falls


Lower Carson Falls

After dropping my wife off at work Friday morning I drove home and put on my rain gear in anticipation of having a little adventure in the storm while hiking up to Carson Falls. I'd been thinking about hiking to Cataract Falls, but the upper part of Mt. Tamalpais was closed, and Fairfax-Bolinas Road was closed at Azalea Hill.

Despite having all the rain gear, it didn't rain a drop during the whole hike. We'd heard some rain during the night (but no thunder), so we know the forecast wasn't completely wrong. Still, it seemed a little comical that Mt. Tam had closed for weather that turned out to be fairly pleasant.

It seemed like it hadn't been very long since I last hiked up to Carson Falls, but when I checked my photo files after getting home I found it's been six years. This was maybe the second time I've been there and failed to find any foothill yellow-legged frogs along the sides of the falls. I hope they were down there somewhere, and looking forward to a productive mating season.

Upper Carson Falls

Buckeye By the Falls, March 10, 2023

Buckeye By the Falls, January 11, 2008

Bay Laurel

Mt. Tam View with Madrone

Short Clip of Carson Falls

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