Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Reef Range


Shell Sunrise

When I noticed yesterday that low tide was going to happen around noon today I decided to head out to Duxbury Reef. I figured the tidepools might be murky from storm runoff, but I hoped I might find something interesting due to all the recent rain exposing the reef to so much fresh water.

I arrived early and walked north up the beach to look around the point and maybe see Palomarin Beach, which has been one of my favorite tidepooling locations, but it's another couple of miles up the coast. There appeared to be reef all along the way, though, so I'm not sure there's anything to be gained by hiking all that way for tidepools.

Especially after a big storm, perhaps. The tidepools were indeed murky. But the really strange thing was the lack of biodiversity. There were lots of turban snails, as usual, but not a lot of anything else. I only saw one full-sized sea anemone, and even the sea weed was sparse, maybe due more to the time of year than anything else.

Even though the tidepools were disappointing, it was a beautiful morning to have Agate Beach almost completely to myself. The drive up and over Mt. Tam was enjoyable also, and it looked like just about every embankment that could slide, did slide. Road crews had already been on the job, though, so the road surface was nicely de-mucked.

Shell Sunrise II

Sculpture in the Range

Basin and Range

Slight Rainbow Over Seal Rocks (3/13/23)

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