Monday, March 6, 2023

Cloudy With Chance of Awe

Drama at Seal Rocks

Going for a walk this morning I discovered the first San Francisco Wallflower of the season near Grandview Park. It's located in an area we know affectionately as The Wind Tunnel, and it has been living up to the name today, so I haven't tried to photograph it except with my phone. The next highlight of the walk was seeing a Great Blue Heron along Sunset Boulevard, presumably on gopher duty. The final joy was the mass of clouds everywhere but over my head. I walked backwards up one of the last hills before home so I could take in the view.

There were more cool clouds out the back window once I got home, so I set up a timelapse to run while I went out for a bike ride. Still more clouds off the coast drew me up to the Cliff House. It was obviously raining way out at sea, and pouring cats and dogs on Mt. Tamalpais and Tennessee Valley. The whole storm train blew more north than east, so it missed me completely. When I got home I ran another timelapse just for the heck of it while I fixed my lunch.

Above Sutro Baths

Cliff House Falling Into Disrepair

(Add appropriate sound effect of your choice.)

The Tugboat Osprey Pulling Some Kind of Barge Out to Sea

View Toward Muir Beach

Rear Window View

Rear Window Timelapse

* * *