Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Weather Walk


Downed Trees Blocking Northbound Sunset Boulevard

Yesterday was a good day to be indoors. I thought the wind might entice me to go out there, but it never got more intense than other storms, at least where I live, so I didn't venture out at all. After the rain passed this morning (for the most part), I took a walk to the beach, then switched to my bike when I got back. 

During my walk I found what I believe to be a Northern Mockingbird egg that had fallen on the ground and busted open. It had been pecked open a bit more by the time I returned, and I noted a scrub jay in the immediate area. Thinking the egg might have blown out of a nest, I looked around but couldn't find one. 

Crossing Sunset Boulevard I noticed some traffic cones forcing a detour at Noriega Street and was surprised to see that a couple of large trees had fallen across the pedestrian path and both northbound lanes. 

The southern part of Ocean Beach looked very wild and uncivilized. It reminded me of Gold Bluffs Beach up in Humboldt County. 

The sun started coming out once I got on my bike, but even with the sun warming my back in Golden Gate Park, a bit of rain blew in from the south and gave me a nice sprinkle. I stopped to check out an especially gorgeous cherry tree across from the bison paddock and was soon joined by a small crowd. 

Even though Ocean Beach has been going back to nature south of Lincoln Way, it looked basically normal along the Esplanade. The waves were huge, and the wind was blowing offshore, but it was all too unruly to entice any surfers.

The yolk spot at the bottom might be where the egg first landed.

Windfall for a Scrub Jay 

Southbound Upper Great Highway at Noriega Street

The Wild Side

Cherry Blossoms

Snow Trees

Protection for the Battered Giant Camera

Still Raining Down That Way

Still Wild Down This Way

Screenshot With Eye of Cyclone Over San Francisco, 3/21/2023

Brief Weather Video

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