Saturday, March 18, 2023

Early March Tam Cams


Turkeys in the Rain

Thursday was a beautiful day for a ride to Mt. Tam. The light fog of early morning burned off to produce a cool and sunny day with hardly any wind. The trail cams survived the atmospheric rivers without mishap and caught some coyotes and turkeys in the rain. 

Biking up to Mt. Tam is kind of an end in itself, but I like having the task of visiting the trail cams to swap out new batteries and memory cards. It's a little too much of a ride to do a longer hike when I get there, but hiking to the cams is just about right. It's good to stretch the legs and to have a little more intimate nature experience than you get riding a bike.

On the way home I stopped to photograph the Ever Lucent, a Singapore-flagged cargo ship that had just passed under the Golden Gate Bridge and now had the city skyline for a backdrop. The ship had recently been in Busan, South Korea, then hit the ports of Qingdao, Hongqiao, and Ningbo, China, before sailing first to Los Angeles, then arriving in here on Thursday. And just as I got home I looked out the back door and saw a bunch of chattering wild parrots resting and preening in my neighbor's 60-year-old oak tree.

One deer, then two: one-second interval between frames.

The Night Coyote Prowls

Growing New Antlers

The Ever Lucent in San Francisco Bay

Red-Masked Parakeets in the Neighborhood

Tam Cam Video Clips
(Unmute to hear the owl.)

* * *