Saturday, March 4, 2023

Tangled Up In Blue


Crow & Hawk in Urban Web of Life

I was sitting at the front gate after putting out a couple of used bike tires for someone to come pick up. I'd just put them on Craigslist "free stuff" and someone responded right away. It's been my experience that people don't always come, even after saying they'll be right over. And they never tell you that they've changed their plans. Non-human animals are much easier to understand.

The cat (who's doing much better after getting some medicine from the vet) was sitting with me, enjoying the afternoon sunshine. When a large leashed dog made a lunge for her, I was proud to see that she hardly flinched while giving him her best "Keep walking, buster" look. As the dog and its walker headed down the sidewalk I saw the crow that had been squawking. The cat doesn't like crows, but this crow wasn't squawking at a cat.

I'd been thinking about bringing my camera along on my bike rides for the last couple of weeks because I've been hearing and seeing red-shouldered hawks more than usual. In a nice twist of fate, this one actually came to me, perching on the web of wires a few doors down. I don't think the hawk was bothered by the crow, but I probably got a little too close for its comfort. Either that, or it gave up on the white-crowned sparrow that had been singing so boldly from the top of the bush below, but was now safely hidden in the shrubbery depths.

Exit, Stage Left (With Crow In Hot Pursuit)

* * *