Friday, March 31, 2023

Mountain High


Above the Fray

There was a surprising amount of traffic as I biked up Mt. Tam yesterday. Maybe folks were on spring break or just looking for a mountain high. Or an ocean high. I think most of the cars continued down toward Stinson Beach.

I'd left home under a virtually cloudless sky at 9 a.m., but two big ice cream scoops of clouds had formed over both ends of Mt. Tam by the time I'd reached the northwest corner of the Presidio, and clouds were all over by the time I reached the mountain itself. The patch of calypso orchids was still going strong at Bootjack, but the sky lupines are still just leafing out. It might just be wishful thinking, but the critter action around my trail cams seems to be on a springtime upswing, and a bobcat was kind enough to pass by twice. 

The old Douglas fir whose sculpted top branches made it often mistaken for a Monterey pine has been considerably whittled down this year.

James Bond, looking for a mountain high, detours from his flight path to make this unusual pass parallel to the length of Mt. Tamalpais.

Band-Tailed Pigeon at the Top of a Doug Fir

I was surprised the pigeons didn't all fly away as I hiked past them.

Tam Cam Video Clips

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