Saturday, February 4, 2023

Metson Lake


Common Yellowthroat

Riding my bike through Golden Gate Park on Friday I noticed a large Monterey cypress had toppled into Metson Lake. There was only one pair of ducks on the lake, and none of the geese I frequently see there. No other people either, as it was quite wet. So it was very quiet around that too-green pond. Maybe too quiet. The lone pair of ducks seemed nervous as I approached, with the female quacking quietly as if to say, "Keep an eye on this one." A Golden Gate Park duck that's afraid of human beings? Not bloody likely. Perhaps they'd been present when the tree fell and were still shaken up. As soon as I stopped, the hen commenced to quack in earnest as she flapped and skedaddled across the lake's surface, the drake in close pursuit, and flew away to more congenial grounds. 

Just out of curiosity I checked my photo files this morning to see if I had a picture of the lake showing that fallen tree when it was still standing, but all I found were pictures of birds I'd photographed around the lake back on November 27, 2008, including one of my local favorites, the Common Yellowthroat.

My next stop was Stow Lake, where they are repairing part of the walking path. Either the construction notice got the name of the lake wrong, or they are putting the new path on the wrong lake (see picture below)!

Black Phoebe

Common Yellowthroat

Robin Gets A Berry

Pygmy Nuthatch Finds Water

Young Robin in Cotoneaster Bush

Angry-Looking House Finch Shares A Multicultural Bath

Young White-Crowned Sparrow

Fallen Cypress at Metson Lake on February 3, 2023

Construction Sign for Spreckles Lake at Stow Lake

* * *