Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Point Reyes Medley


Sunrise Over Tomales Bay

There's an interesting article on the Science News website about something like the "butterfly effect," where the drought in one part of the world affects the climate on distant continents. The connections they talk about are another reminder of how small and finite our planet looks from the atmospheric point of view.

Most of the photos in this medley, all shot in February, came from a yearlong project I did at Point Reyes in 2015. Sometimes I think about taking that up again, but there's some inertia involved with re-starting a project that feels like it ran its course. What it's going to take is finding a new way to look at it that fires up the needed inspiration.

Peace Bubbles

Black Mountain from Bear Valley

Mustard Bloom Near Historic J Ranch

Baby Blue Eyes Peeking Through Lupine Leaves

A Minor Tussle

Getting A Little More Serious

Drake's Estero from SFD Boulevard

Marbled Godwits at Drake's Beach

Alamere Falls

Alamere Falls from the Reef

First Light

* * *