Friday, February 10, 2023

Tam Cam


Big Buck Passing Through

I figured it was fairly well established that this location has lots of deer and turkeys, so I moved the cams to a new location yesterday. I locked my bike to a tree and hustled up the ravine, only to soon realize I was in the wrong place. It looked like a pretty good alternative location, though, and I will keep it in mind for the future. 

In the meantime I wanted to find someplace a little different, and one of the new spots I found seemed promising, with lots of bobcat scat around. As usual I would be extremely surprised if any humans showed up in either of the new spots, but I was not surprised to find someone's long-lost Aerobie Ring Flyer. You can chuck those things a mile (well, not quite a mile).

Wild Turkeys Among New Spring Growth of Hounds Tongue

Tam Cam Clips

On the way home I saw this gigantic, brand-new-looking ship passing under the Golden Gate Bridge, so I pulled over and grabbed my phone to get a selfie with it. I took note of the ship's name on the stern but mis-remembered it. I thought it was Polar Explorer. It seemed so new, I thought it was one of those NOAA research vessels that sometimes tie up behind the Exploratorium. However, this ship seemed headed toward the Richmond refineries. Sure enough, I took note of the Chevron logo on the superstructure once I got home and saw the photo. It's actually an oil tanker, the Polar Voyager. It looks so spanking new because it was built in 2014.

* * *