Saturday, February 11, 2023

Virga Bow


Virga Bow at Sundown

The last couple of times I've gone over to Grandview Park to look for a rainbow, all I got was rained on. It's only at unexpected times that I actually see one, including this "virga bow" I stumbled upon when I looked out my rear, east-facing, window shortly before sundown yesterday. Although I'd been somewhat rained on during a bike ride earlier in the day, it appeared that no rain was actually reaching the ground when this bow appeared. 

There wasn't enough daylight left to run a timelapse, and I only fired off four frames before the sunset color drained out of the clouds and the bow broke up.

Since I'm already posting something, I might as well toss in a few phone snaps I shot during my walk and bike ride yesterday. My daily walk down Noriega Street takes me right past the scene of the 22nd Avenue house explosion, which happened the day I biked to Mt. Tam. It happened right around the time of morning that I'm usually walking by there. People heard or felt the blast from many blocks around.

Garden Plum Blossoms

Cordoned Block at 22nd & Noriega

Rehabilitation of Golden Gate Park's Middle Lake

Magnolia Along Chain of Lakes Drive

Young Herring Gull (?) at the Esplanade with Cloud-Hidden Mt. Tamalpais

* * *