Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Rainy Days


Storm Squall Floating Over San Francisco

The wind chill was almost certainly dipping into the 30s yesterday (~45 degrees w/ 25 mph wind) as I waited for the squall above to blow into rainbow position. It felt downright wintry in the stiff wind that was blowing most people off the top of Grandview Park after just a few minutes of taking in the view. 

I had seen the squall on internet radar and drove over to the park in the hope of catching a big bow over the city, but it was not to be. A little bitty fragment showed up briefly, but even that scrap of color was gone before it drifted into a more interesting position over the city.

I had hoped to try again today, but Coco, the semi-feral neighborhood cat that we've been feeding (and sheltering on cold or rainy nights), seems to have come down with something, and I'm still waiting to go pick her up from the vet. I wasn't prepared for the sticker shock of going to the vet since I haven't been to see one in probably thirty years. Wow. Hopefully they'll get her back to her frisky self soon.

Color Streak

The Pegasus Voyager oil tanker sails into headwinds in the Golden Gate, with storm clouds blowing in over the Marin Headlands and Mt. Tamalpais.

Phone Snap from Grandview Park

Coco the Cat, after sleeping in the rain under a neighbor's oak tree a couple of days ago.

* * *